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Newsletter for employees

An introductory word from the Dean

Dear colleagues,
Dear students,

Although some hectic days are left before the end of the year, when we are all trying to finish and accomplish a lot, it is time to take stock. Let's try to stop for a moment, take a breath, and look back at what we have accomplished, which areas we should continue in, and where we need to improve our efforts. Only in this way will we be able to start the new year with clear plans and visions. Advent is, after all, a time for reflection and invites such a pause.

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Open Days 2023

On January 21 and 24, 2023, both campuses of our faculty will open to applicants. With a busy schedule, high school students and their parents will have the opportunity to:

  • obtain information on entrance exams for all majors,
  • information on the course of study and study options for each field of specialization,
  • see the laboratories and other teaching facilities for selected courses,
  • view the textbooks and final theses of the students,
  • share experiences and have the opportunity to discuss with our current students.


Doctoral students deserve a salary for their research work

One of the main goals of Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies Luděk Bláha, who is in his second term as Vice-Dean, is to improve the position of Doctoral students and the quality of Doctoral studies. He himself completed his Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science. According to Dr. Bláha, however, the biggest impetus for the developmental changes he is preparing in this area were his stays abroad.

Interview with Luděk Bláha

Science & Research


The Grant Agency of Masaryk University presented the MUNI Scientist Awards. In total, fifty-one scientists were awarded, seventeen of them are associated with our Faculty of Science. Congratulations to all of them!

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Science & Research

Project on biotechnological metal recycling from slag and fly ash wins international award

The project IRAS ATCZ183 realized by biochemists from our Faculty of Science and Austrian colleagues was awarded as "Best Practice" at an international conference focused on the outputs of the European INTERREG V-A AT-CZ programme. As part of the project, scientists have been looking for suitable ways to use bacteria to tackle the problem of metals that accumulate in fly ash and slag during thermal waste disposal, which then burden the environment.

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President Zeman appointed new professors

On Monday, 28 November 2022, on the proposals of the scientific and artistic boards of universities, President Miloš Zeman signed the appointment decrees for the university professors. Among the newly appointed professors are Petr Skládal, Tomáš ŘezníkMichal Hájek from our Faculty of Science. Congratulations!

Science & Research

Faculty of Science actively participated in SPACE WEEK 2022 EVENT BRNO

The Faculty of Science was actively involved in the Space Week 2022 Event Brno, hosted by the Brno Observatory and Planetarium at the end of November. The aim of the event was to present the potential of Czech universities in the field of space education and research. The Brno event was part of the programme of the fifth edition of the prestigious Czech Space Week festival, which took place between 28 November to 2 December and presented current topics from the world of astronautics and the space industry.

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New campaign video

Be one of the first to watch this year's candidate campaign video. It is scheduled for publication on December 13, 2022. It includes a 60-second university-wide herospot and a 10-second faculties' spots. Ours begins at approximately 2:04.

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Bacteriophages can be highly effective in the treatment of many infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Jiří Doškař graduated in 1974 with a Degree in Biology from our faculty. He has been working here since 1978 and his research deals with the genetics and molecular biology of pathogenic staphylococci and their bacteriophages. Specifically, he studies the genetic basis of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the spread of the genes responsible for this resistance in staphylococcal populations by means of bacteriophages. 

Interview with Jiří Doškař

HR Excellence in Research SCI MUNI

HR Award in 2022

In the past year 2022, from the perspective of the HR Award project at the Faculty of Science MU, we have enjoyed in-person meetings at trainings, discussion groups and the opportunity to exchange best practices among institutions in the area of HR management and building the European Research Area allowing easy mobility. Take a look back with us at where we have made progress and what we are planning for 2023.

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The winner of the ‘České hlavičky’ award visited the university laboratory for the first time at the age of 13

Darja Klementová, who comes from an artistic family, studies clarinet at the P. Křížkovský High School in Brno, which specialises in artistic subjects. However, she has also been interested in nature and the human body since she was a child, so finally decided to devote herself fully to molecular biology, choosing to study at the laboratories of Masaryk University’s (MU) Faculty of Science. For her work, which deals with the role of kinases from the CK1 family in the Wnt/β-catenin cell signalling pathway, and the potential application of these findings in the treatment of leukaemia, she won the national ‘České hlavičky’ (Little Czech Mind) award.

Interview with D. Klementová

Statement of the Association of Deans of Faculties of Science

The Association of Science Faculty Deans supports Martin Kubala, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Palacký University in Olomouc, in his long-term efforts to separate the faculty from the actions of individuals whose actions do not comply with the ethical rules of scientific work.

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Interview on November 17

I looked at it like this − it didn’t work out for my mother and her generation, so it’s our turn now

Experience with us the events at our faculty during the Velvet Revolution, in an interview with Eva Sýkorová, a member of the faculty's strike committee at the time. Take a look at unique period photographs directly from the faculty and from Brno, which are being presented to the public for the very first time.

Interview with Eva Sýkorová

Mendel – The Man

G. J. Mendel Meteorologist

Even though Johan Gregor Mendel achieved the greatest fame in genetics, his merits in the field of meteorology cannot be overlooked either. He did not only measure the air temperature, but also the amount of precipitation, air pressure, and the amount of ozone, he also carried out phenological observations, observed the number of sunspots and measured the height of the groundwater level in the grounds of the monastery on Mendel Square. He also described the occurrence of a tornado in the vicinity of Brno.

In the 1840s, Dr. Pavel Olexík was performing meteorological measurements at St. Ann’s general hospital in Brno. From at least 1857, Mendel was making concurrent measurements and observations at the nearby monastery and...

G. J. Mendel Meteorologist Mendel and the Legacy of Protestant Schools

Masaryk Juniversity

MjUNI: Teaching at the Faculty of Science MU

On Saturday, November 12th, we welcomed almost 250 junior students aged 9 to 18 years at Kotlářská Campus, who participated in the first part of the MJUNI Masaryk Juniversity course at our faculty.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the organization!


MUNI Mendel Doctorandus

Although the launch of the new program for active PhD students took place during the PhD day on September 14, 2022, we now had the opportunity to meet the newly enrolled students of the MMD programme face to face for the first time. The meeting took place on October 25, 2022, in the outdoor area of the Bohunice University Campus and was held in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Accepted students from the MMD programme were personally welcomed by the Vice Dean for Doctoral Studies of the Faculty of Science Luděk Bláha and other representatives of the University. The improvement of PhD education was also supported personally by Tomáš Kašparovský, dean of the Faculty of Science.

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Employee Portal Guide

Did you know...?

Did you know that you can find out if a colleague is at work on the MU Portal? Just search for the person via the search box and you will immediately see the presence at the workplace for the next 10 days. You can also find out if the person is currently attending any classes.

Did you know that you can easily find out who called you on the MU Portal? Just enter the flap number (549 49X XXX) in the search box and you will see the specific person.


Green Deal

Physics café shows how to calculate the potential of renewable energy sources

Using simple examples that can be included in physics lessons in secondary and primary schools, physicists are able to estimate realistic values for renewable energy potential. To do this, they need to know the starting parameters, such as the efficiency of the processes. Everything else is just a matter of knowing and being able to apply the laws of physics correctly. The Physics Café, which was held for the 150th time, presented concrete examples.

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Help Us to Improve Training on M365 Tools according to Your Needs

Aren't you comfortable with existing training, or do you need to know what M365 tools could help you with? Please fill out the questionnaire about your experience with Microsoft 365 apps and let us know what suits you and what you would change. Your feedback will help us prepare training and other study materials tailored to your needs. The questionnaire is completely anonymous and will take you no more than 4 minutes to complete.

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Employees and their children enjoyed an Advent gathering around the tree

On Monday, 28 November, around one hundred employees and thirty children came to enjoy the atmosphere of Advent and the lighting of the Christmas tree in the park on the grounds of the Faculty of Science at Kotlářská Campus.

Ongoing Competitions and Awards

Medal of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports  Externí odkaz

The Albert Einstein Prize and The José Vasconcelos Prize for Education  Externí odkaz

L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science talent programme  Externí odkaz

Martin Černohorský Award  Externí odkaz

Gratias Agit Award  Externí odkaz

Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators  Externí odkaz

Louis-Jeantet Prizes  Externí odkaz

News from M Magazine

Students will test their knowledge in TV quiz show  Externí odkaz

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