Statement of the Association of Deans of Faculties of Science on the current situation at the Faculty of Science of Palacký University

The Association of Science Faculty Deans supports Martin Kubala, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Palacký University in Olomouc, in his long-term efforts to separate the faculty from the actions of individuals whose actions do not comply with the ethical rules of scientific work.

10 Nov 2022 Tereza Fojtová

We are convinced that all legal means should be used responsibly and transparently to expose offences against ethical behaviour.

It is necessary to consistently demand not only respect for the integrity of scientific work, but also the responsible use of public funds and entrusted property, otherwise academic institutions would deservedly lose public trust. Such a loss of trust would ultimately pose a serious threat to society as a whole.

We therefore call on all parties involved in the dispute to refrain from coercion and attacks in the public arena and for all allegations to be properly and transparently investigated. In the case that malpractices are proven, we demand that responsibility and consequences are taken so that the credibility of the academic community as a whole is not further damaged.

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