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Check Lists

Check list for the Central Europe
Czech Rep., Slovakia, Austria - fixed lenght (ID number, short cut, encoded full species name)

New check list for Czech users
Cornell condensed files used for import of tables contain only short cuts of species names. However, the JUICE program allows to display full species names, if you have a text form of the check list (it can be exported from TURBOVEG). We have prepared a special check list for Czech users, which has a nomenclature of Kubát et al. (2002). 

KUBAT10.TXT (2008-11-18)
KUBAT11.TXT (2010-03-23)


All users of KUBAT10.TXT check list can download an improved file with Ellenberg indicator values prepared by Milan Chytry here. 

All other users can use ELLENB.TXT file with original Ellenberg indicator values. Warrning! The nomenclature of this file needn't fit with your data. The import must be corrected manually.

NEW! - 2011/11/07 Common file of EIVs for vascular plants, mooses and lichens is here.
Author: Christian Berg, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften - Botanischer Garten

Indicator values for Eastern Europe from

Borhidi A. 1995: Social behaviour types, the naturalness and relative ecological indicator values of the higher plants in the Hungarian Flora Act. Bot. Hung. 39 (1-2): 97-181.

are available here.






This web page may be used as a platform for the exchange of check lists and unification of the nomenclature. It is extremely useful when you will plan a national project based on cooperation of more people.

I believe in broader scientific cooperation :-).








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