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Training data     

The program TURBOVEG is an ideal tool for digitalisation and data management of phytosociological data sets. Therefore, the JUICE is optimised for the use of table exports from this program. Table data are transfered through the Cornell condensed file, headers are saved into two text files (file with fixed lenght, file with the definition of header columns).   

Spreadsheet format
The JUICE supports the import of table data through comma delimited spreadsheet format. Please, see the structure of example file.

TEXT format
The table can be loaded as a text file with simple structure.

Species data - (function: Species > Species Data > External Species Data)
This file is an example of species data, which can be connected with the table. Species data file should contain an information about species traits (indicator value, morphological, ecological, biochemical or other information). 




The program supports different types of input data considering both special XML or Cornell condensed data files and more flexible CSV or TXT format files.

More detailed informations how to import training data into JUICE are written here .









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