For the sake of simplicity and clarity, only presenting authors are mentioned in the programme below. The co-authors will be properly listed in the Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceeding.

  • Day 1

    July 23, Wednesday

    8:00–9:00 a.m.    connecting, technical information


    9:00–9:45 a.m.    opening speeches


    Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kašparovský, Ph.D. (dean od the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University) and prof. RNDr. Hana Čtrnáctová, CSc. (Dpt. of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague)


    9:45–10:45 a.m.     invited talk and discussion


    Šmejkal PetrProbeware in Chemistry Education - The Philosopher's Stone or Pandora's Box?


    10:50–12:00 a.m.    morning section


    Honskusová LindaPre-service Chemistry Teachers’ Ability to Notice during Pandemic – Online Reflective Course


    Režňák Jakub: Information Resources in Chemistry


    Mišianiková AnnaThe Impact of the Inquiry-based Biology Education on the Level of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of Students


    12:00–1:15 p.m.   lunch break


    1:15–2:55 p.m.    afternoon section


    Szarka Katarina: Investigation of Elements of Propositional Logic in the Context of Scientific and Mathematical Tasks


    Métioui Abdeljalil: Aristotle, Galileo, Newton and the Students Conceptions about the Falling Objects


    Jurmanová Jana: Remote Teaching of Lab Excersices in Physics - the Challenge and Its Realization


    Koperová DominikaTowards Validation of a Bipolar Assertion Scale for Identification of Misconceptions about the Structure of the Atom


    2:55–3:10 p.m.    coffee break


    3:10–6:20 p.m.    evening section


    Ryhzova Oxana: Experience in Teaching Chemistry to Humanities Students with a Highly Heterogeneous Basic Chemistry Education


    Pavlíková MichaelaMobile Applications as a Support Tools for Science Teaching


    Richtr VáclavResearch Experiment in the Preparation of Future Chemistry Teachers


    Rusek Martin: Freshmen Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher Students' Success in Basic Chemistry Calculation Tasks


    Kubrická Jana: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) for Pre-service Teachers of Science: Scaffolding in Lesson Planning


    Vojíř Karel: Variability of Tasks in Czech Lower-secondary School Chemistry Textbooks: Trends and Typical Elaboration

    Ondová Veronika: Digital Tools as Part of The Training of Teachers of Geography in Primary Schools in an Online Environment


    Chroustová Kateřina: Safe Practical Teaching Support: School Chemical Experiments Video-Database Exhibits


  • Day 2

    July 24, Thursday

    9:00–10:00 a.m.    invited talk and discussion


    Kotuľáková KatarínaTeacher in the Context of Scientific Literacy Development or "Teacher Matters"


    10:05 a.m.–12:10 p.m.    morning section


    Ganajová Mária: Developing Systemic Thinking Through Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry


    Chlebounová Irena: How Distance Learning Supported Inquiry-Based Science Education in Chemistry


    Lešková Andrea: Application of the Prediction Card during Distance Form of Biology Teaching at Grammar School


    Bartoňová Markéta: Teaching Materials for Integrated Science


    Feltl TomášProbeware and Programming? Are You Serious?


    12:10–1:15 p.m.    lunch break


    1:15–2:55 p.m.    afternoon section


    Jáč Martin: Educational Formalisms in Biology Instruction


    Csachová Stela: Sketch-noting as a Teaching and Learning Tool


    Štrofová JitkaChemical Experiments not only for Chemists


    Břížďala Jan: Pupils' Success in Solving Mathematically Oriented Chemical Tasks


    2:55–3:30 p.m.    coffee break


    3:30–6:20 p.m.    evening section


    Hrdlička JanUse of Total Carbon Determination to Calculate the Loss on Ignition and the Transformation of the Procedure into the Chemistry Education


    Šrámek Martin: The Difficult Tasks in Chemistry Based on the Analysis of Entrance Procedure at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague


    Sirotek Vladimír: Chemical Experiments with Selected Transition Metals and Their Compounds in Chemistry Teaching


    Trudel Louis: The Social Representations of Children about Water Pollution in Their Environment


    Kopek-Putala Wioletta & Nodyznska Malgorzata: Methods and Tools for Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities


    Hurný David: High-School Chemistry Tasks for IBSE 2


    Tóthová Martina: The Use of Eye-Tracking in Science Education Research: Systematic Literature Review's Preliminary Results


    6:20–6:25 p.m.    closing of the conference

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