Laboratory of Cell Differentiation

The laboratory was established in 1994 to investigate principles of proliferation, differentiation, migration and programmed cell death of cancer cells. As a model we use cancer cell lines of various origin (breast, colon, lung, leukemia etc). Using multiple techniques of molecular and cellular biology, we investigate function of specific genes and the role of tumor microenvironment in these processes. We are also interested in testing the tumor suppressing effects of various anti-cancer drugs. The aim of our work is to perfom the basic experiments in tissue cultures, confirm their results in laboratory mice and to participate in clinical studies to provide benefits to cancer patients.

Latest news


16th June 2017

Terka Nehybova is going to say YES to Martin Kucirek in June, 17th . Congratulations and good luck.

Awarded GAMU grant

3rd March 2017

Jarmila Navrátilová has been awarded a grant by the Grant Agency of the Masaryk University.  The project will focus on optimization of targeted therapy penetration/cytotoxicity in various models of colorectal carcinoma. Congratulations and good luck with the project.

Awarded GACR grant

1st February 2017

Lucia Knopfová has been awarded a junior grant by the Czech Science Foundation. The project will focus on regulation/importance of c-Myb-driven inflammatory genes during breast cancer metastases. Congratulations and good luck with the project.