New paper in Pediatric Blood & Cancer!

Bromodomain 4 inhibition leads to MYCN downregulation in Wilms tumor. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2021, e29401.

Andrew D. Woods, Noah E. Berlow, Michael V. Ortiz, Filemon Dela Cruz, Armaan Siddiquee, Diego F. Coutinho, Reshma Purohit, Katherine E. Tranbarger Freier, Joel E. Michalek, Melvin Lathara, Kevin Matlock, Ganapati Srivivasa, Brigitte Royer-Pokora, Renata Veselska, Andrew L. Kung, Charles Keller


New paper in Cell Reports (IF 9.423)!

A selective p53 activator and anticancer agent to improve colorectal cancer therapy. Cell Rep 2021, 35(2):1089.

Helena Ramos, Maria I L Soares, Joana Silva, Liliana Raimundo, Juliana Calheiros, Célia Gomes, Flávio Reis, Filipe A Monteiro, Cláudia Nunes, Salette Reis, Bartolomeo Bosco, Silvano Piazza, Lucília Domingues, Petr Chlapek, Petr Vlcek, Pavel Fabian, Ana Teresa Rajado, A T P Carvalho, Renata Veselska, Alberto Inga, Teresa M V D Pinho E Melo, Lucília Saraiva


Karolina receives the Dean’s Award

Our student Karolina Borankova has been awarded for her excellent research results obtained during her diploma thesis and she has received the Dean’s Award for the best students in the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme. In her research, Karolina focused on investigating the role of mitochondria in cancer stem cells in pediatric tumors.