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New paper in Cancers!

Novel New Target for Precision Medicine Treatment of Giant-Cell Tumor of Bone: Sunitinib Is Effective in the Treatment of Neoplastic Stromal Cells with Activated PDGFRβ Signaling. Cancers 2021, 12:3781.

Michal Mahdal, Jakub Neradil, Peter Mudry, Silvia Paukovcekova, Iva Staniczkova Zambo, Jiri Urban, Peter Macsek, Lukas Pazourek, Tomas Tomas and Renata Veselska


Lucka was awarded the Brno Ph.D. talent!

Our doctoral student Mgr. Lucie Curylova was awarded the prestigious three-year scholarship Brno Ph.D. talent 2020. In the competition of 130 Ph.D. students, she succeeded with her project „The p53 family proteins in the regulation of stemness in pediatric sarcomas“, whose goal is to verify the strategy of stemness factors inhibition through p53 reactivation, which might prove a promising treatment of aggressive pediatric sarcomas.

Another of our doctoral student, Mgr. Karolina Borankova, was awarded the Brno Ph.D. Talent Finalist, ranking among the best 35 attendees of the competition. Both Lucie and Karolina conduct their dissertation thesis under the supervision by Dr. Jan Skoda in our laboratory.

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement!


Karolina receives the Dean’s Award

Our student Karolina Borankova has been awarded for her excellent research results obtained during her diploma thesis and she has received the Dean’s Award for the best students in the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme. In her research, Karolina focused on investigating the role of mitochondria in cancer stem cells in pediatric tumors.