MU Life Sciences Seminar(XD010, XD011, S5030, S5035)

MU Life Sciences Seminar is a prestigious seminar series at University Campus Bohunice in the interconnected and complementary fields, collectively called “Life Sciences”. The seminar series is mainly focused on currently growing fields which combine modern methods of biophysics, computational modelling, imaging, biochemistry and molecular biology with “more classical” disciplines such as microbiology, cell biology, physiology, genetics, toxicology, developmental and evolutionary biology and medicine. This seminar series includes the Mendel Lectures.

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Physiology of Animal Cell / Fyziologie živočišné buňky (Bi1110)

The aim of this course is to enable students to understand and explain the nature of the basic events taking place in the animal cell and to correctly interpret their meaning for the physiological processes occurring in the animal tissues, organs and the whole organism

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Physiology of cell systems / Fyziologie buněčných systémů (Bi7070)

The aim of this course is to introduce the principles of behavior and functions of animal cells in the context of cell populations of tissues and whole body, to present the organism as a dynamic hierarchical system and to introduce students to the basic principles governing cell function both during embryonic development and in the adult organism.

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Developmental physiology of animals I / Vývojová fyziologie živočichů I (Bi9903)

The main objectives of the course are: to introduce the basic methods and models in animal developmental biology, to explain basic molecular and cellular processes regulating the development of animals and to discuss the practical aspects of the developmental biology studies.

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Developmental physiology of animals II / Vývojová fyziologie živočichů II (Bi9906)

The main objectives of the course are: to apply basic knowledge about the development mechanism to specific developmental processes, to use the knowledge of development biology in disease, regenerative medicine, in reproductive medicine and in biology of tumors.

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