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Latest Publications from Our Section

Variability in the Clearance of Lead Oxide Nanoparticles Is Associated with Alteration of Specific Membrane Transporters
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Lead oxide nanoparticles (PbONPs), upon their entry into the lungs via inhalation, induce structural changes in primary and secondary target organs. The fate and ultrastructural localization of PbONPs in organs is known to be dependent on the specific organ. Here, … Read More

Comparative phosphorylation map of Dishevelled 3 links phospho-signatures to biological outputs.
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Hanáková K, Bernatík O, Kravec M, Micka M, Kumar J, Harnoš J, Ovesná P, Paclíková P, Rádsetoulal M, Potěšil D, Tripsianes K, Čajánek L, Zdráhal Z, Bryja V. BACKGROUND: Dishevelled (DVL) is an essential component of the Wnt signaling cascades. … Read More

WNT signaling inducing activity in ascites predicts poor outcome in ovarian cancer
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High-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary, fallopian tube, and peritoneum (HGSC) is the deadliest gynecological disease which results in a five-year survival rate of 30% or less. HGSC is characterized by the early and rapid development of metastases accompanied by … Read More

Developmental mechanisms driving complex tooth shape in reptiles
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BACKGROUND: In mammals, odontogenesis is regulated by transient signaling centers known as enamel knots (EKs), which drive the dental epithelium shaping. However, the developmental mechanisms contributing to the formation of complex tooth shape in reptiles are not fully understood. Here, … Read More

The effects of nano-sized PbO on biomarkers of membrane disruption and DNA damage in a sub-chronic inhalation study on mice
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Although the production of engineered nanoparticles increases our knowledge of toxicity and mechanisms of bioactivity during relevant exposures is lacking. In the present study, mice were exposed to PbO nanoparticles (PbONP; 192.5 µg/m3; 1.93 × 106 particles/cm3) for 2, 5 and 13 weeks through … Read More

Getting out of an egg: Merging of tooth germs to create an egg tooth in the snake
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BACKGROUND: The egg tooth is a vital structure allowing hatchlings to escape from the egg. In squamates (snakes and lizards), the egg tooth is a real tooth that develops within the oral cavity at the top of the upper jaw. … Read More