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Newsletter for employees

An introductory word from the Dean

Dear colleagues,

With the approaching end of the Spring 22 semester, I would like to thank you for all your work during this period. My sincere thanks to all academic employees who are directly involved in teaching, to our scientistic who, with their research, contribute to the broadening of our knowledge, and to all others, without whom the faculty operations would not be possible.

I am delighted that, after difficult two years, our daily activities were not affected by any significant epidemiologic restrictions.


Dean’s Awards 2022

Dean Tomáš Kašparovský has presented awards to the best students of the MU Faculty of Science. This year’s Dean’s Awards were presented to a total of eight laureates in the Best Student category in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, and to sixteen promising scientists in the Best Student category of the Doctoral study programme. For the very first time, a team of eight students from the Mendel Generation group also received an award. Congratulations to all the winners!


Science and research

The European Space Agency has given green light for preparations for a Czech space telescope

Recently, astrophysicists from Masaryk University’s (MU) Faculty of Science began a detailed study for the construction of the first Czech space telescope, which will be optimised for the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. The project is being led by the Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU), with the involvement of MU, the TOPTEC research centre of the Institute of Plasma Physics at the Czech Academy of Science (CAS) and PEKASAT. The project, which has been given the name QUVIK (Quick Ultra-Violet Kilonova Surveyor), is being financed with Czech funds and will support the involvement of Czech scientists and industry in space projects. All stages of the project will have to meet the high international standards of the European Space Agency (ESA).



Markéta Munzarová, one of the new Vice-Deans, is ready to support the disadvantaged

For his second term, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Tomáš Kašparovský, has expanded his team through the inclusion of the holder of the Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teachers, Markéta Munzarová. In the following interview, Munzarová from the Faculty of Science’s Department of Chemistry presents her goals and main tasks.



Pavel Lízal: With today’s information technology and campus facilities, I would enjoy studying on my own

Pavel Lízal, a former graduate of the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University (MU), has been working as a lecturer in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology for more than 15 years. In February this year, he become Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Studies. In his new role, he will make effective use of the experience he has gained as a member of the MU Academic Senate and the Faculty Academic Senate (which he also chaired), as well as his active role in various commissions and the Council of Higher Education Institutions. In the following interview, he shares his experiences and his vision for the future.


The Rector's Award was also awarded to scientists from our faculty

The MU Rector's Awards are given annually in several categories to recognise outstanding achievements in science and research, sporting achievements, teaching, art and civic activities. Robert Vácha, Zdeněk Farka, Peter Lenárt, Kryštof Chytrý and Jakub Fišák from the Faculty received the award. Congratulations!

Newly appointed professors receive their appointment decrees

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Petr Gazdík, handed over appointment decrees to our new professors, including the geologist and volcanologist Lukáš Krmíček (Department of Geological Sciences), the molecular biologist and geneticist Roman Pantůček (Department of Experimental Biology) and astrophysicist Norbert Werner (Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics). Congratulations!

Dominik Madea was awarded the scientific prize of the French Embassy

Dominik Madea, a student of the PhD programme in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science of MU, scored in the competition of young scientists for prizes awarded by the Embassy of France in the Czech Republic, when he took third place in the Chemistry category and won the Jean-Marie Lehn Prize 2022. Congratulations!

The Bioskop Learning Centre has welcomed 20,000 students

The Bioskop Science and Education Centre, which has been operating at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University (MU) for almost ten years, has opened the way to the natural sciences for almost 20,000 visitors. The jubilee participants were welcomed by Bioskop at a course on June 22, which has been booked by the Horníkova ZŠ elementary school, Brno. Throughout its existence, Bioskop courses have been attended by many talented students who later found success in the national rounds of secondary school professional activities and international scientific competitions, many of whom later became successful students at MU.


Mendel 200

Mendel, the Man: A scientific approach to solving the question of ‘what is inherited and how’. Experiments with peas

When Mendel planned his experiments with peas, he first studied the conclusions of his predecessors, who had undertaken similar experiments with plant crosses. He was aware that this would be a difficult task; as he wrote in the introduction to his work however, it seems to be the only right way that can finally lead us to address an issue that is of great importance for the development of organic forms”.

Read #4 Mendel, the Man Read si #3 Mendel, the Man

Andreas Eckart received the Ernst Mach Medal of Honour

Professor Andreas Eckart from the University of Cologne received the Ernst Mach Medal of Honour for his lifelong contribution to the physical sciences yesterday at the Brno Observatory as part of the CPB meeting 2022, a three-day meeting of experts on the dynamics and physics of black holes and star formation in galactic nuclei.


Gain more experience abroad

Academic and non-academic staff of Masaryk University can go on an up two-week teaching or training placement at a foreign university outside the European Union through the following two programmes, which we would like to draw your attention to.


HR Award

Development Training for Supervisors of the Faculty of Science MU

In May 2022, as part of the implementation of the action plan of the HR Award project, we organised two training sessions for supervisors of the Faculty of Science of MU. Both trainings were funded by the project of the Ministry of Education, Human Resources Development and International Orientation of Research at MU.


Looking back at Biomania Student Scientific Meeting 2022

The Biomania Student Scientific Meeting 2022 conference focused on biotechnology, bioengineering and biomedicine took place in the Brno Observatory and Planetarium on Kraví hora from 28th to 29th April, 2022.


Life Science Seminar Series

As the semester draws to a close, it is appropriate to take a look back at how the Life Science Seminar Series was able to meet our aspirations and goals this past semester. So let's take a brief look back at the past six months, filled with interesting lectures and renowned speakers! (The SS 2022 lecture programme can be found here)


Ongoing Competitions and Awards

Milada Paulová Award for Neuroscience  Externí odkaz

News from M Magazine

MU budget for 2022 has been approved  Externí odkaz

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Fri 1 Jul – Fri 30 Sep 2022

Sculptures among the flowers 

Already the fifth year of the exhibition of sculptural works by students of the AS1 studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. The works are created under the direction of prof. Michal Gabriel and Tomáš Medek. The statues are located in the garden, which is freely accessible free of charge.

Mon 11 – Fri 15 Jul 2022


the conference is held under the auspices of the dean of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, prof. Tomáš Kašparovský.

Fri 15 Jul 2022

Mendel festival in the botanical garden 

Full day, tour of the garden with activities, guided tour of greenhouses - reservation required at mendelfestival@gmail.com. Event only in the Czech language.

Thu 4 Aug 2022

Jazz evening for the 100th anniversary of the botanical garden 

Come dressed in the style of The Great Gatsby!
from 6 pm to 9 pm

Sun 4 Sep – Sun 9 Oct 2022

European Symposium on Analytical Spectrometry 2022 

17th Czech - Slovak Spectroscopic Conference

Mon 5 – Tue 6 Sep 2022

XXV. Biological Days 

From Tumour Biology to Precision Oncology

Mon 12 Sep 2022

Garden party at Kotlářská Campus

We cordially invite employees and students of the Faculty of Science.

Wed 14 Sep 2022

PhD Day

Sat 17 Sep 2022

Open Day at faculty of Science

Both campuses will open their doors to prospective students.

Fri 30 Sep 2022


The editorial deadline for the next employee newsletter is on September 18, 2022. Please send your articles in Czech and English to pr@sci.muni.cz and we will be happy to publish them.

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