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As the semester draws to a close, it is appropriate to take a look back at how the Life Science Seminar Series was able to meet our aspirations and goals this past semester. So let's take a brief look back at the past six months, filled with interesting lectures and renowned speakers! (The SS 2022 lecture programme can be found here)

29 Jun 2022 Linda Nosková

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Life Science Seminar Series had 198 students enrolled as a course in the spring semester and 172 of them successfully completed it!

In terms of attendance, the clear winner last semester was the lecture by Peter Kharchenko from Harvard University (172 attendees), which was somewhat unplanned and included a "career counselling" session for PhD students and researchers in general.

With 165 listeners, it was closely followed by the lecture by Zdeněk Lánský from Biocev, and the top three were rounded off by Andras Malnasi-Csizmadia with 154 listeners. The other talks were equally attractive, often enriched by the personal dimension and experience of the speakers.

And if you are already looking forward to the autumn Life Science Seminar Series, know that the selection of speakers is once again varied and across disciplines; I'm sure you'll pick at least one. Or don't choose just one and visit them all!

For example, Bengt Winblad (Karolinska Institute), Ricardo Mallarino (Princeton University) and Monika Gullerova (University of Oxford) have already accepted invitations.

So, don't hesitate to sign up for courses in the fall, and be sure to sign up for the Life Science Seminar Series, which takes place every Thursday during the semester, always at 4:00 pm in the UKB.

Both PhD students and interested professionals are invited to attend the seminar.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall semester of 2022!

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