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JUICE program was written as non-Unicode application running on the Unicode (UTF-16) based Windows XP. Unicode based platforms, such as Windows XP, emulate the language environment required to run non-Unicode applications by internally converting application's non-Unicode text data to Unicode using a system wide variable commonly called the "system locale" (or "language for non-Unicode applications"). The language of the non-Unicode applications should be the same script or family as the one defined by the "system locale". Failing to meet this condition results in display of garbage characters in the UI of the application or program crash.

There are two solutions of this problem:

1. A user is running the Chinese version of Windows XP with the system locale set to Chinese. This user wants to run the JUICE application that is code-page based. In order to run this app flawlessly in Windows XP, the user needs to set the system locale to English-US (Windows codepage 1252) and reboot the machine. Two restrictions: the user might not be an administrator to force this setting change; and/or the user might not want to force a reboot.

Please, follow these instructions: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/handson/user/xpintlsupp.mspx#sysloc

2. A user can download the application AppLocale, which allows to run the JUICE program properly both in English and any regional mode. It is strongly recommended for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic local versions of Windows.

The program AppLocale is freely downloadable from the address:


The correct selection of Locale parameters after program running is "Slovenèina".



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