Version 7.1 (2020-01-22)

This version contains new improved and fast expert system, its interactive editor and corrector. All external files of this version are stored to users part - no administrator access is needed.


After the full installation of the program it is necessary to update the JUICE.EXE file to the last program version. Othervise some functions will be too old to work properly with other software or data (expert system, ordinations etc.). If the update button does not appear, actualise the program using the menu HELP >>> Quick JUICE Update.


European Expert System
Full expert classification system for identification of classes of European vegetation classification.


Semi-supervised classification
New modifications of PAM and k-means algorithms for semi-supervised and supervised classification of vegetation data.


Classification stability
The test of classification stability was described in the paper Tichy et al. 2011 (Ecography).


The support for Species Response Curves was terminated. 
It is not possible to follow the develop of R-project. The function doesn’t work in its newer versions and it is necessary to use older release of this program (around 2.7).


JUICE x R OpenSource connection.
R scripts directly from JUICE

DCA, PCA and NMDS analysis using R-PROJECT

New functions described at

ISOPAM classification method
Developed by Sebastian Schmidtlein as an efficient classification tool for both hierarchical and non-hierarchical classification.

CANOCO automation of ordinations

JUICE 7.0 supports fast, easy and flexible connection 
with CANOCO and CANODRAW programs - comperhensive
ordination diagrams with species data and environmental variables
will be available as soon as possible.

New modified TWINSPAN algorithm

Full hierarchy of clusters

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