Author: Christian Berg

Kurzanleitung für TURBOVEG 2.0 und JUICE 7.0 im Rahmen derLehrveranstaltung "Auswertung und Analyse vegetationskundlicher Daten", Version 2.5, Dezember 2019. In case you will use it, please cite.


French version of the JUICE program manual
Author: Florent Beck


New version of ordijuice package for R-project

Neupert Markus, Zelený David & Tichý Lubomír


Internship Report. The package can be downloaded from the JUICE program and it is available for R-project version 3.2 and newer.


European Expert System - PDF file
Manual for European Expert System classification to 95 vegetation classes. The system expects two check list files available HERE. Files contain encrypted check list of species associated with european classes of vegetation classification. The use of these files is offered only within EuroExpertSystem in JUICE and should be cited as:


Ladislav Mucina, Helga Bültmann, Klaus Dierßen, Jean-Paul Theurillat, Thomas Raus, Andraž Čarni, Kateřina Šumberová, Wolfgang Willner, Jürgen Dengler, Rosario Gavilán García, Milan Chytrý, Michal Hájek, Romeo Di Pietro, Dmytro Iakushenko, Jens Pallas, Fred J.A. Daniëls, Erwin Bergmeier, Arnoldo Santos Guerra, Nikolai Ermakov, Milan Valachovič, Joop H.J. Schaminée, Tatiana Lysenko, Yakiv P. Didukh, Sandro Pignatti, John S. Rodwell, Jorge Capelo, Heinrich E. Weber, Ayzik Solomeshch, Panayotis Dimopoulos, Carlos Aguiar, Stephan M. Hennekens & Lubomír Tichý (2016): Vegetation of Europe: Hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, lichen, and algal communities. Applied Vegetation Science. Vol. 19, Suppl. 1: 1–264. FULL ARTICLE.


German Turboveg-Juice-Guidance - PDF file
Christian Berg wrote it for his University course “Analysis of vegetation data”. In case you will use it, please cite.


Ukrainian version of the JUICE manual - PDF file (український переклад JUICE)
Anna Kuzemko wrote Ukrainian version of the JUICE manual. Thanks :-)


How to merge species automatically?
Salza Todorova wrote a simple PDF with this topic.


Synoptic tables in JUICE - How to work with them!
The talk - EVS Vienna 2012


PDF manual - program version 7
The new release of program manual is available here. Some functions were modified.

1st part
2nd part


Ordination analyses in JUICE
(2011-12-01; in Czech)
Author: Martina Nejezchlebová

PDF manual - program version 6
We have prepared the program manual for JUICE version 6.3 together with Jason Holt, David Zeleny and Milan Chytry. It includes frequently used functions, tips and tricks for effective using the program.


German/English version of manual (version 6)

is available on the web page:


Botanical photogallery

Short description of how ti show species photos from selected plot etc. (in Czech)


Error handling

Windows VistaLocal settings in XP"Out of Memory"

Video sequentions with demo of some program functions

(AVI files, 2007-03-05)

IMPORT1.AVI (3.1 MB) - the import oc Cornell -Condensed file with EXP and STR file supported by a check list of full species names

INICEXTE.AVI (6.8 MB) - initiation of program connection with external applications (PC_ORD, TWINSPAN, D-MAP etc.) 
CHANSIZE.AVI (5.8 MB) - definition of display parameters

MOUSE1.AVI (7.0 MB) - see the mouse in the down right corner. 
MOUSE2.AVI (3.6 MB) - the principle of species and relevé aggregation into blocks 
MOUSE3.AVI (3.8 MB) - possibilities of relevé manipulation in headers
MOUSE4.AVI (2.6 MB) - the use of mouse in synoptic table
MOUSE5.AVI (1.5 MB) - separators
- after a double-click one relevé is displayed together with header information

EDITSPEC.AVI (2.5 MB) - editation of species name and layer
EDITHEAD.AVI (7.4 MB) - editation of header fields
NOMENCLA.AVI (5.0 MB) - unification of used nomenclature

TWINSPAN.AVI (8.3 MB) - Twinspan (Hill 1978)
PCORD5.AVI (5.4 MB) - PC-ORD 5 cluster analysis library  
DCA1.AVI (2.8 MB) - detrended correspondence analysis applied on eight clusters of TWINSPAN classification 
TW01.AVI (13.4 MB) - modified TWINSPAN weighted by total inertia.

CLASDESC.AVI (6.5 MB)- description of selected cluster of synoptic table (diagnostic, constant and dominant species)

OPTIMCLASS: comparison of classifications and selection of optimal number of clusters 
OC01.AVI (11.3 MB) - the use of function with PC-ORD 5 
OC02.AVI (10.4 MB) - visualisation of results in JUICE 
OC03.AVI (13.0 MB) - comparison of classifications made by SYN-TAX, MULVA and  modified TWINSPAN


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