Program installation



This link supports the download of full installation package (the program, DLLs, TWINSPAN, Central Europaean Check List, list of Ellenberg Indicator Values).


Full installation wizard of the version 7.1 (2020-01-22): Version 7.1 7.1 setup.exe


Newer program versions are published as a stand alone JUICE.EXE file. It can be downloaded directly from the JUICE program, menu HELP and QUICK JUICE UPDATE. Please, check every time if you are using the last version. List of versions is available here. The JUICE.EXE file is then downloaded to the same folder and the older version is re-named as JUICEXXX.EXE.


Reduced faster installation package of actual version is available HERE. 7.1 min_Setup.exe


Install only in case full installation have been done on your computer.


Released updates of the JUICE.EXE file are available directly from the program or here:



1. Some internet browsers protect to download the files. Copy the path manually.


2. Possible error message about missing files MSINET.OCX, COMDLG32.OCX and TABCTL32.OCX:


Open CMD dialog (search for: How to open command prompt) and write

3. If it does not help, search for:

Component COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered.


4. Run every time the program JUICE in administrator access.


New compilation of TWINSPAN algorithm (09-06-22; by Petr Smilauer).


There is no warranty with this software, it comes as is, and is distributed in the hope that it can be useful. However, I try to solve problems and make espetially a technical support. My e-mail address is:



Many people have helped to make JUICE better by sending me an automatic information about program bugs, which is generated when the problem appears.

Thank you!



All users with Asian version of WINDOWS have to change the language from Japanese (Chinese etc.) to English.

The program supports only dot as decimal character. All systems with different decimal character will be automatically modified before the program start. The parameter will be changed back after program termination.

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