The program was originally developed as a tool for easy application of Cocktail method published by Helge Bruelheide (1995, 2000), but later included many other functions for the analysis of phytosociological data. Thanks to Stephan Hennekens the JUICE can import tables directly from TURBOVEG database program. The best thanks are to Milan Chytry, who is usually the first "experimental rabbit" and author of the conceptual framework for many routines. We also thank to Heike Culmsee, Rense Haveman, Marcela Havlova, Michal Hajek, Petra Hajkova, Florian Jansen, Ilona Knollova, Ching-Feng Li, Zdenka Lososova, Petr Petrik, Jan Rolecek, Urban Silc, Stephen Talbot, Vaclav Zouhar, David Zeleny and many other users who informed me about new possibilities, problems and errors of the program. 

The program is a free-of-charge non-commercial research. Its development has been supported by grants GACR 206/99/1523, GACR 206/02/0957, GACR 206/05/0020, GACR 206/09/0329, GACR 505/11/0732, GACR  17-15168S, MSM 143100010 and MSM 0021622416.

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