JUICE-R connection


An open interface between JUICE and R program, which extends JUICEs functionality in the way that data stored in JUICE could be directly exported into R and analyzed using appended R script.


JUICE-R website for sharing scripts: http://bit.ly/juice-r


  • the website is based on easy to edit wikipedia engine
  • after registration, anybody can upload the R script to the website
  • for each script, website with HOW TO USE instructions can be created


  • Export form from JUICE consists of the script, which is used for the process automation.
  • Example: DCA diagram of untransformed community data



Other Examples:

Silhouette (PDF file)

Silhouette refers to a method of graphical interpretation and validation of clusters.

Classification stability


Adjusted Goodman-Kruskals lambda index of classification stability calculated from crosstabulation of clusters obtained from the data set and the subset selected by without replacement bootstrap.




For the proper function of JUICE and R.exe connections, please install the version R-2.9.exe to your computer form the repository HERE. Due to continual changes of the path structure and libraries we are not able to guarrantee that newer installations will work properly in combination with the JUICE program.

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