Danio rerio embryos in research 🐟

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We are already making full use of the newly accredited Danio rerio fish farming facility! 
Mgr. Michaela Nosková from the group of prof. Bryja works with their embryos, into which she will then inject tumor cells. This will allow her to monitor their interactions in the microenvironment of a living organism. Embryos with transplanted tumor cells can then be used, for example, to test the effects of selected therapeutic drugs.
In the pictures you can see fish embryos 4 days after fertilization. The darker image shows fish embryos in their natural appearance, while the lighter image shows embryos after application of 1-phenyl 2-thiourea (PTU), which makes the body of the fish embryo transparent (because it blocks melanin production). In transparent embryos, it is then easier to monitor the progression of tumor cells, which can be additionally fluorescently labeled and further monitored under a fluorescence microscope.