Publication in Cell & invitation to online talks

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Bryjalab has recently achieved several successes in their research on Wnt signaling and the choroid plexus! 
/choroid plexus is a tissue in brain that produces most of the cerebrospinal fluid of the central nervous system/
A collaborative publication – in collaboration with Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, A cellular and spatial map of the choroid plexus across brain ventricles and ages has been recently published in a prestigious Cell journal (IF 38.637)!
Significant credit for these publications goes to the graduate of OFIŽ, Mgr. Karol Kaiser, Ph.D. (from V. Bryja’s laboratory, now working as a postdoc at the University of Basel), whose another 1st author publication is now being published.

The publications on the topic of Wnt and the choroid plexus also led to two invitations to give a lecture on this research on prestigious scientific online platforms!
Congratulations! And we cordially invite you to watch the lectures !:


We cordially invite you to the Wnttalks, where Karol Kaiser, Ph.D. will present his research focused on Wnt5 and choroid plexus in a talk:

Meis1-Wnt5a axis – The story of two choroid plexuses

When: Thursday 6. 5. 2021 at 11.00 and at 18.00

link to join will be published soon at:

Wnttalks is a prestigious world-wide platform for online talks of Wnt researchers to present their work within Wnt community as an online version of renowned Gordon Research Conferences.

We are very proud and honoured that our research topic has been nominated for the talk!


‘Development presents…’

Our article has been chosen by the Development editor Paola Arlotta (Harvard Stem Cell Institute) and selected for the monthly webinar „Development presents ….“ !

The topic will be introduced by the first author Karol Kaiser, Ph.D.:

MEIS-WNT5A axis regulates development of 4th ventricle choroid plexus

When: Wednesday 12. 5. 2021 at 17.00

Register to attend at: