Doctoral theses

Name Thesis
Jakub Harnoš The Consequences of CK1ε-induced Phosphorylation of the Selected Components of the WNT/β-catenin Pathway: Structural Biology Point of View (2018)
Karol Kaiser Wnt secretion and transport in the mammalian nervous system (2018)
Pavlína Janovská The Role of Migration in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (2018)
Kateřina Straková Interaction of Class Frizzled receptors with G proteins and Dishevelled (2017)
Igor Červenka Regulation of WNT signaling components by kinases: unconventional aspects (2014)
Markéta Kaucká Planar cell polarity pathway in the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (2013)
Sri Ranjani Ganji Identification and Validation of Dvl interacting partners using Proteomics approach (2013)
Ondřej Bernatík Posttranslational modifications of Dishevelled (2012)

Diploma theses

Name Thesis
Kristína Gömöryová The function of Pin1 isomerase in the Wnt signalling pathway (2017)
Miroslav Hutňan Implementation of quantiative proteomics into the analysis of Wnt signaling (2017)
Anna Kotrbová Role of ascites in ovarian cancer progression (2016)
Petra Paclíková Functional analysis of cells lacking Dishevelled (2016)
Marek Kravec A novel post-translational modification of Dishevelled (2016)
Matěj Rádsetoulal Description of Dishevelled phosphorylation map (2016)
Lucie Smyčková APP proteins in the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (2016)
Pavlína Janovská Novel mechanisms in the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (2013)
Jakub Harnoš Structure-function study of two regions of Dishevelled: DEP domain and the C-terminus (2013)
Jana Valnohová The role of Dishevelled in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle (2013)
Martin Běhal Analysis of the novel components of non-canonical Wnt pathway (2013)
Alena Salašová Wnt signaling and cell cycle (2011)
Igor Červenka Kinase analysis in the Wnt signalling (2010)
Jan Mašek Interaction of Wnt and FGF signalling (2010)

Bachelor theses

Name Thesis
Nikodém Zezula Role of CTHRC1 protein in normal and malignant cells (2018)
Štěpán Čada Microscopic analysis of cellular polarization – methods to visualize polarized cells and protein complexes (2018)
Jana Lapinová Biological function and diagnostic potential of exosomes in ovarian carcinoma (2018)
Miroslav Micka Analysis of protein-protein interactions in the living cells (2018)
Petra Kompaniková The role of Wnt5a in tissue and organ morphogenesis (2018)
Kristína Gömöryová Analysis of protein conformation in the living cell (2016)
Tomáš Gybeľ CRISPR technology for manipulation of mammalian cells (2016)
Anna Kotrbová Wnt signaling in the ovarian cancer (2014)
Petra Paclíková Cellular signaling controlled by semaphorins (2014)
Marek Kravec Post-translational modifications of tubulin and their role in cellular biology (2014)
Lucie Smyčková In vivo and in vitro models for study of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (2014)
Igor Greif Wnt pathway in the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (2014)
Miroslav Hutňan Mass spectrometry in the analysis of cellular signaling in mammalian cells (2014)
Pavlína Janovská Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and cancer stem cell (2011)
Jana Valnohová Wnt signaling in leukemia (2011)
Martin Běhal Small GTPases and their role for the biology of the cell (2011)
David Kubíček Regulation of cell movements and cytoskeleton (2011)
Alena Salašová Molecular-physiological basics of cell senescence and immortalization (2009)
Igor Červenka Identification of candidate cytoplasmic regulators of Wnt signalling in silico (2008)
Jan Mašek The role of Dishevelled kinases in Wnt signalling (2008)
Martin Zavřel has won the 1st place in biology category of SOC contest in South Moravian Region!
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Visit of Prof. Roel Nusse – the father of Wnt signaling field, in Bryjalab!
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