JAD01 Advanced English for PhD studies (C1)

Over the last years, many things have changed, both in the world and in your life. What was once Czechoslovakia is now two countries: Czechia and Slovakia. It happened in your lifetime. What else happened in your lifetime? The Internet went into your pocket! From not being able to travel anywhere, suddenly you could travel anywhere. But did you know that the way English is taught has also changed? It used to be what you remember from school, but it is very different today. Advanced English for PhD studies is taught the way English is taught today, not the way it was taught fifty years ago.

29. 9. 2020 Simona Kainerová

So what’s different? Ah! Let’s mention the five things people talk about:

 You will enjoy yourself

  1. You will learn much, much more than you ever learnt in English before
  2. You will become confident in speaking and writing, both in your academic life and in your personal life
  3. You will have something at the end that you can show others you have done using only English
  4. You will enjoy yourself

 Those are the five things people talk about.

 Don’t you think that someone with a PhD should have the right English to make that PhD even stronger? That is another thing that has changed in the world. People with PhDs connect with people with PhDs, even if they only read papers. Most of those papers are written in English even if their authors’ native language is not English. Their local language is beautiful and good, then they added a PhD to their lives, then they added English to their PhD, because so many things have changed and they want to keep up with those changes.

 Take a look at the course description for JAD01 Advanced English for PhD studies (C1) in the iS and see how you can achieve the best English for your PhD. If you would like to talk to the very enthusiastic teacher, that’s easy: just email anjuli.pandavar@sci.muni.cz Otherwise, go ahead, sign up.

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