The Faculty of Science's employee Evaluation Left a Strong Impression at the Resilience & Leadership in Academia Symposium

In September, an international symposium focused on leadership in an academic environment took place in Prague. At this event, the following experts had the opportunity to present their perspectives: Gergely Kováts from Corvinus University Budapest, Daniela Pauknerová from the University of Economics, Bohumil Rezek from the Czech Technical University and Barbora Wahlová from the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University. As part of her presentation, Barbora Wahlová introduced employee evaluation as a management tool.

3 Oct 2023 Barbora Wahlová

During the symposium, experts from both the Czech Republic and Hungary shared their insights and engaged in discussions on several key questions related to academic leadership:

“What are the specifics of leadership and management in academia? How can we achieve a sustainable leadership practice that can strengthen us in times of crisis? How can we support the implementation of good practice? Current theory and research in academic leadership and management? Challenges of implementation of HR policies in academia? First-hand experience of senior academic middle managers?”

Faculty of Science mu was represented at this symposium by Barbora Wahlová from the faculty's HR Award Office. She shared het insights into the faculty's practices and experience in evaluating employees. She highlighted employee evaluation as an effective management tool that not only supports managers but also fosters a transparent space for communication and development from the employees' perspective.

The symposium was organized within the framework of the AV21 Strategy, the program "Resilient Society for the 21st Century, Potentials of Crisis and Effective Transformation". It took place in a hybrid format participants from Czech and foreign organizations met both in the Academic Conference Center in Prague and online.

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