Recruitment Process at the Faculty of Science MU

The Faculty of Science MU is an equal opportunity employer. We support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all candidates and employees. We are a proud holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award by the European Commission.

Our recruitment process guidelines follow the principles of the EU Charter and Code for Researchers, OTM-R.

The Recruitment Process at the Faculty of Science MU in a Nutshell

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Our recruitment process is open, transparent, and merit based:

  • We advertise vacant positions on Masaryk University Career Page and also other career portals relevant to the target group.
  • In our job advertisements, we define the skills and qualifications required by the applicants. These requirements help us to ensure a transparent selection, following the principles of the EU Charter and Code for Researchers, OTM-R.
  • Description of offered working conditions and selection process is also an inevitable part of the job advertisement. Potential candidates can get a fair picture of the position and decide whether the offer is interesting and fitting.
  • Applicants are evaluated by the selection committee, which shall contain an odd number of members, bring together diverse expertise and competencies, and shall have an adequate gender balance where feasible. The selection committee shall include members from different disciplines with relevant experience to assess the candidate.
  • All applicants receive an acknowledgment email of their application and a notification about the selection process's progress. The selected applicant will receive an official job offer.
  • Our Faculty Recruitment Policy (OTM-R) is publicly available here.

Candidates should submit their applications electronically through the e-application for each job advertisement posted on Jobs.MU. To submit your e-application, here is a short instruction.

What positions do we offer at the Faculty of Science MU?

The faculty has clearly defined  System of Positions and Job Titles, which enables transparent assignment of employees to positions based on the job purpose, core duties, requirements, and competencies defined for the particular work activity. The Faculty System of Positions and Job Titles reflects the European Framework for Research Careers, which identifies both necessary and desirable competencies for each of the four broad profiles for researchers, R1 to R4:

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