Czech Antarctic Research Programme (popularisation lecture)

Did you know that the Czech Repubic runs its own Antarctic research programme? It is hosted by the Masaryk University, which is an operator of J.G. Mendel Czech Antarctic Station in James Ross Island since 2006, and field camp (refuge) in Nelson Island since 2018. Through that time, more than 130 researchers from more than 30 research disciplines participated in our expeditions. Why is the Antarctica and its research so important for humankind? What is the scope of (not only Czech) Antarctic research? How is the life at Antarctic station? Which animals could be seen in its surroundings and how to behave to them? All of these questions (and some more from audience) will be replied by Dr. Pavel Kapler, manager of Czech Antarctic Research Programme and leader of eight polar expeditions, proud member of Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, MUNI. (We ́re sorry, the lecture shall be held in Czech)

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