First Online Compostela Debate Tournament

(November 2-5, 2021)

 If you want to develop your public speaking skills and learn how to formulate and structure your thoughts in a persuasive way, this is the course for you! Debate is a useful communication technique that can help you in your professional development and future career.

13 Oct 2021 Kristýna Bajgarová

During this intensive and interactive four-day course, you will improve your critical thinking, argumentative, rhetorical, public speaking and debating skills.

Expand your horizons and earn credits from the comfort of your home!

 In the programme, participants will learn how to make arguments using British Parliamentary Debate techniques and improve their critical thinking, public speaking and debating skills. A special part of the programme will include an online debate tournament with both written argumentation submissions and actual debate speeches. The tournament will be led by internationally renowned debate experts.

When? November 2-5, 2021

Where? MS Teams

What will you get? 3 ECTS + tons of experience

How to apply? Complete the online registration form until October 17, 2021

Need more info? Please contact the team of the Compostela Group of Universities ( or of the University of Pécs Summerschool (

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