Grow a pea like Mendel

In 2022, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gregor Johann Mendel, known worldwide as the Father of Genetics. He discovered the basics of heredity while growing peas in the Abbey of Old Brno. Mendel devoted himself not only to heredity but also to the cultivation of fruit trees and bulbs, beekeeping, meteorology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and observed spots on the sun. He was a complex scientist whose legacy we are still developing at MU Faculties, even though many do not know it.

11 Apr 2022 Martina Petříková

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Like all living things, peas (Pisum sativum) need care to grow and reach the pod. Mendel, too, struggled with adversity before achieving a satisfactory result. Let's try to plant a plant together and get acquainted with what Mendel worked with in practice - what the plant needs for healthy growth, what conditions are the best – flower pot, garden, lots of sun, little sun, how much water...

How to do it:

  1. Plant
    • pick up a seed bag at your Faculty
      • Faculty of Medicine Communication & External Relations Office
      • Faculty of Sport Studies Office for External Relations
      • Faculty of Pharmacy Office for External Relations & Marketing
      • Faculty of Science External Relations, Communication & Marketing
      • CEITEC MU Communication Department
    • each contains yellow round and green wrinkled seeds of pea plant
    • make a hole in the soil with your finger about 5 cm deep and place the seed / it can also be grown on cotton wool and then replanted into the soil
    • grow the plant according to your possibilities and wishes - flower pot at home or in the office, in the garden...
    • remember that the plant will need support during the growth
  2. Observe
    • watch how the peas grow, how the green differs from the yellow, which germinates better, grows better...
  3. Send
    • as soon as you harvest, please send your photos and observation results to

For further details, please contact Martina Petříková (

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