MjUNI on Kotlářská introduced natural sciences and mathematics in a fun way

On Saturday 11 November, the faculty's campus on Kotlářská Street was opened for 250 children studying at the Junior University (MjUNI). Natural scientists prepared special lectures for their curious parents as well.

27 Nov 2023 Adéla Dilhofová

Photo: Martin Indruch

An interesting programme was prepared by Department of Geography, Department of Geological Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Department of Plasma Physics and Technology and Department of Anthropology. All MJUNI students and parents were welcomed by the Vice Dean for External Relations, Communication and Marketing Hana Pokorná, who, together with our students, introduced the faculty to students from secondary schools.

Throughout the day, children and high school students were able to practically test the secrets of magical electricity, geometric and wave optics, or consider black holes in the centre of our Galaxy. They could also find out where floods come from or how many times there has been a sea in Brno. They learned about fairness in mathematics or went on a trip with numbers. Some of the MJUNI students got a glimpse into the secrets of polar geosciences, extreme life and the climate of Antarctica.

Parents of the children were also on hand, and together with Pavel Kapler, the manager of the Czech Antarctic Research Programme, they were able to travel through the "Czech Antarctica" and with anthropologist Robin Pěnička, they got an insight into the history and research results of the South Moravian New Christians.

Photo: Martin Indruch

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