The Faculty of Science of Masaryk university has become an academic partner of the STARMUS festival.

The STARMUS festival, which brings together Nobel Prize winners, scientists, astronauts, thinkers, artists and musicians, will visit Bratislava from 12 to 17 May. This is the first time that the festival will come to Central Europe, giving visitors a unique opportunity to meet live with world-famous scientists and personalities from various fields. The Faculty of Science of MU has become academic partner of the festival and will present itself during the event as part of the accompanying Starmus Camp programme.

18 Mar 2024 Leoš Verner

STARMUS is considered the most inspiring festival of science, art and music. The founders and organizers are astrophysicist Garik Israelian, and Sir Brian May, astrophysicist and legendary guitarist of the band Queen. This is the first edition of STARMUS which focuses on Planet Earth, as the most amazing planet in the universe which will gather together more than 40 world-class eminences. As in previous editions, the festival will bring together a large cast of Nobel Prize winners – such as Michel Mayor, Emmanuelle Charpentier or Kip Thorne-; astronauts who have made history in the space race – such as Charlie Duke or Chris Hadfield-, visionary entrepreneurs such as i-pod inventor and i-phone co-inventor Tony Fadell and Space Axiom and Intuitive Machines co-founder Kam Ghaffarian, and personalities as recognized by everyone as the great Dr Jane Goodall and the music legend Brian May, also co-founder of the festival.

The multi-day event will offer 4 days of exclusive lectures of the highest level, a campus open to the public in the heart of the Slovak capital - the STARMUS Camp - from 14 to 17 May, which is open to the general public and will also feature the Masaryk university Faculty of Science- and a musical program with several exclusive concerts with internationally renowned artists headlining STARMUS signature musical program with the Sonic Universe Concert and the Star Party. Among the musicians and artists are Jean-Michel Jarre, The Offspring and British comedian and writer Robin Ince, among other exclusive „one-off“ performances which will be announced soon

Students who would like to participate as volunteers in the preparations and organization of the event can apply by the end of March via the application form. Volunteers will have the unique opportunity to be involved in various areas of the festival, from technical and administrative tasks to welcoming guests, , taking part in the organization of events within the festival and providing support with different media activities.

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