The impact of hydrological conditions in streams on top bottom and hyporheic biota

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1/1999 - 1/2001
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Extreme flows can be considered classic example of ecological disturbances within the ecosystem of running waters. This flows in natural conditions as well as the behaviour of living systems during these situations are quite normal phenomena. Deforestati on, landscape changes and its intensive usage leads to increased water flows and extremely high discharges. Currently, extreme flows appear quicker than in the past, their intensity and period of lasting are often very different. The influence on the bio ta of streams is high, and in our conditions it has not been evaluated and quantified. The research aims are: To verify the validity of basic hypothesis of the general description running waters ecosystems during extreme discharges (patch dynamic concep t, flow refugia concept, hypoereic refugia concept), e.g. to knowledge structure and dynamics of communities, trofic guilds structure and life strategies of benthic taxons. To determine criteria of resistance and resilience of communities and the whole e


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