Life strategy of stream meio-macroinvertebrates

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1/2002 - 12/2004
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Current conditions (slope of reach), bottom substrate and its permeability, altitude, distance from source i.e. in short, ecological type of reach determines populations and communities of bottom organisms. Their life strategies must be adapted to frequent changes in running stream reach during hydrological year and vegetation season. Generally, these processes are explained by the patch dynamic concept theory. Populations and communities, their traits and strategies in using available space and foods supplies could be defined by abiotic factors or environment and the patches. The goals of the project are: - to define patches in streams (epirhithral to epipotamal) in the Dyje basin on the basis of study of abiotic factors combined with results o analysis of population of target species and communities - to clarify life strategies of target species (populations) regarded as bioindicators of defined stream zones from permanent stream fauna (oligochaets and copepods), and from temporal fauna (mayf


Total number of publications: 24

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