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Spectroscopic and optical diagnostics of rf-discharges burning at atmospheric pressure

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1/2001 - 1/2003
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Recently, a completely new type of unipolar/bipolar discharge burning from a hollow electrode at atmospheric pressure in a working gas flowing through the electrode with the input rf power from 10 to 500 W was developed. At the same time a plasmachemical device for generation of such discharge called plasma pencil (patent No. CZ 286310) was realised. A study of elementary processes in the plasma pencil running at atmospheric pressure in different conditions represents pilot grant project supported by Gr ant Agency of Czech Republic (No. 202/00/0843). A solution of the presented project is based on application of optical and spectral diagnostics. Spectral diagnostics (emission spectroscopy) will be realised in UV/visible range and from spectra lines will be estimate rotational, vibrational and electron temperatures of plasma. Next, optical diagnostics method microscope with CCD camera and videocamera with narrow band interference filters will be used. From optical measurements the time stability of plas


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