Analysis of magnetoreception behavior of laboratory insects

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1/2005 - 12/2007
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
Magnetoreception Insect Tenebrio Periplanetta

Animal magnetoreception is one of the least definite general problems of biophysics and sensory physiology. There are several biophysical models to explain the molecular mechanism of magnetoreception. However, relatively few behavioral experiments turned out to be robust and well repeatable. There is still some lack of consistent and repeatable data in magnetoreception research. We have succeeded to prove replicability of magnetoreception essay on Tenebrio beetle. The first goal of the project is todeliv er the set of data desribing qualitatively and quantitatively some parameters of insect magnetoreception. We will focus a) on possible impact of wavelength of light and b) on recognition whether Tenebrio compas is polarity or inclination. Bothproblems ar e important concerning the nature of biophysical transduction mechanism. The second goal is to work out the magnetoreception essay for a species suitable for neurophysiological research.


Total number of publications: 7

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