Power in the classes taught by student teachers


This project doesn't include Faculty of Science. It includes Faculty of Education. Official project website can be found on muni.cz.
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2/2013 - 12/2015
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Education
Power, power negotiation, power relationships, classroom, student teachers, mixed methods design Datum zahájení: 2013-02-01 Doba rešení (v letech): 3 Zarazení do císelníku CEP: 1

The aim of the project is to describe in detail how power is negotiated, used, and perceived by student teachers and their pupils
on the level of lower secondary schools (ISCED 2A) whom the student teachers teach during their one semester long teaching
practice. The project pursues the following partial aims: (1) to establish the concept of power in the Czech scientific educational
discourse; (2) to carry out a research study using mixed methods that comprises (a) qualitative part in ethnographic research
design that aims to describe power relationships between student teachers and pupils in the classroom; (b) quantitative part that
aims to discover how power is perceived by student teachers and pupils which includes adaptation of a questionnaire on how
student teachers and pupils perceive power; (3) to increase the current understanding of theory, possibilities, and limitations of
mixed methods design.


The research project helped to establish the concept of power in the Czech educational discourse and contributed to the research findings in this area. The aims of the project were reached and fulfilled with the final monograph, theoretical and empirical studies, and presentations and workshops. All changes were explained. The project was solved according to proposal plan.


Total number of publications: 48

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