Stellar winds of first stars in the Universe

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1/2007 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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hot stars, stellar wind, hydrodynamics, first stars in the Universe
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Astronomical Institute of the ASCR, v. v. i.

Chemical composition of first stars in the Universe was given by the primordial nucleosynthesis: first stars were composed basically only from hydrogen and helium. Numerical simulations of their formation show that first stars were very massive and consequently hot. Present hot stars have stellar winds accelerated due to the light absorption in the lines of heavier elements (carbon, nitrogen, etc.). We plan to test if massive first stars in the Universe had stellar winds. We will test the influence of rotation on the stellar winds of first stars. We plan to study stellar winds of very low metallicity stars. We derive the minimum metallicity necessary to launch a normal stellar wind. We also plan to study purely metallic winds of these stars. The detailed study of stellar winds of first stars is necessary for the prediction of the evolution of these stars and for our understanding of the state of the interstellar medium. We also plan to provide emergent fluxes from atmospheres and possibly winds of these stars, that are important for the calculation of reionization of the Universe.


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