Mathematical structures in theoretical physics

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Project Period
1/2008 - 12/2011
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Czech Science Foundation
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Science
geometry, mathematical physics, quantum gravity
Cooperating Organization
Czech Technical University Prague
Faculty of Nuclear Physics and Engineering Czech Technical University Prague

The goal of this project is to support doctoral students in mathematical and theoretical physics. The main focus of the research is on the still not understood connection between quantum physics and the General Theory of Relativity, that is on modern theories of quantum gravity such as Superstring theory and Loop Quantum Gravity and related physical areas of applied differential geometry. The second main topic of research which is fundamentally related to the foundations of quantum theory is the theory of quantum information.
The team consists of 12 doctoral students of two cooperating universities. The leaders of the team are 6 scientific workers ranging from senior researchers with plenty of experience in supervising students as well as junior scientists who only recently graduated themselves. The support of the cooperation between these institutes in the form of joint seminars and students from one of the universities taking part in the activities organized by the other institute forms an integral part of the project.


Total number of publications: 5

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