Study of the interface morphology in epitaxial multilayers by X-ray reflection

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1/1999 - 1/2001
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Interface morphology is substantial for optical and electrical properties of multilayers. The project of this grant focuses on the study of interfaces of II/VI-, III/V- and IV/IV-type multilayers, mainly GaAs/AlAs and SiGe/Si, grown by MBE and MOVPE. Exc ept for the randomly rough interfaces, the following structures are present in these samples: 1. large lateral terraces correlated between interfaces, and 2. self-organized low-dimensional structures (quantum wires and dots). Specular and diffuse X-ray r eflectivity will be employed thus contributing by this technique to the main grant of the supervisor of this post-doc grant. Laboratory as well as synchrotron X-ray sources will be used for performing the experiments. Measured data will be compared to th e relevant structural models. Relations between the interface morphology and crystal orientation and growth parameters will be analysed. The results of experiments will lead to the optimization of epitaxial growth and sample preparation.


Total number of publications: 5

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