Courses in English

Courses taught in English can be found in the course catalogue.

How to work with the course catalogue?
Set the filters  - choose the term you want to browse the courses for and the teaching language. 
You can also choose the faculty and/or specific department or search courses by its title.

Pay attention to the type of studies - B = Bachelor studies, M = long Master studies (5 years), N = Master studies, D = PhD studies
If you want to take a course that is originally designed for a higher study level (for example - you are a Bachelor student but you are interested in a Master course), note it might require knowledge that you do not possess yet and be too difficult for you. For detailed information please contact the teacher of a particular course or your departmental coordinator.

Extent and Intensity of Courses
You can see three numbers for course intensity. The first is the number of hours for lectures, the second is for class exercises/seminars and the last one stands for other types of teaching methods such as labs, etc.

  • Example: 2/0/0 (lectures 2, class exercises 0, select another 0)

According to the number of credits gained, you can find two numbers. The first number is the amount of credits gained by completion and the second is the number of possible extra credits.

  • Example: 1+1 (plus extra credits for completion). This means that the student can gain a specific amount of extra credits if he/she completes the course with a colloquium/examination or any other type of completion.

For detailed information please contact the teacher of a particular course or your departmental coordinator.

Find out more about the grading system and the exam organization at Masaryk University here.



 Contact the department coordinator before choosing courses. At some departments, it may be possible that you can enrol even courses taught in the Czech language and complete them in English.


 PLEASE NOTE: If you choose courses from a different department than you were nominated to, your LA may or may be approved by your departmental coordinator, but they cannot guarantee that those courses will be taught.

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