OFIŽ students received grants in the Rector Program to support their research projects!

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Students of our department have succeeded in the grant competition of the Rector Program!
Grants are awarded to outstanding students of Master’s degree programs for research related to their thesis.


The following students received support for their projects:
  • Bc. Eliška Kohoutková (supervisor Katarzyna Anna Radaszkiewicz, Ph.D., M.Sc.)
Topic: Preparation of ventricular cardiomyocyte from pluripotent stem cells
  • Bc. Karolína Kryštofová (supervisor Mgr. Karel Souček, Ph.D.)
Topic: The role of tetraspanins in the internalization of Trop-2
  • Bc. Iveta Nahodilová (supervisor doc. RNDr. Pavel Hyršl, Ph.D.)
Topic: In vitro cultivation of Photorhabdus sp. and its interaction with entomopathogenic nematodes Heterorhabditis
  • Bc. Michaela Nosková (supervisor prof. Mgr. Vítězslav Bryja, Ph.D.)
Topic: Targeting casein kinase 1 isoforms in human melanoma
  • Bc. Helena Skálová (supervisor Mgr. Jiřina Medalová, Ph.D.)  
Topic: Communication of epidermal cells during defense against UV light