Rules for Education and Development of Employees and Training Offer in the New Section of the Faculty Portal

We bring you information about the new directive, Education and Development of Employees at the Faculty of Science MU, which came into effect on 1st September 2023. We would also like to inform you about the new section of the SCI MUNI Employee Portal which provides clear and simple information about training and development offers at the Faculty of Science MU as well as the entire Masaryk University.

8 Sep 2023 Eliška Sobotková Barbora Wahlová

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In June 2023, the faculty management approved the long-prepared dean's directive, Education and Development of Employees at the Faculty of Science MU, which regulates the rules for employees´ training: the methods of identifying training needs, types of training, responsibility for the implementation of individual types of training and their financing, as well as the framework training offer for individual groups of faculty job positions. The directive came into effect with the beginning of the autumn semester, September 1, 2023.

Following the new rules, during the summer months, the new section of the SCI MUNI Employee Portal - Education and Development was created through collaboration of three faculty departments (HR Award Office, Personnel Department and OICT SCI). The Education and Development section of the Employee Portal provides comprehensive up-to-date information on training and development opportunities both at the faculty and across the whole university, and is logically divided into four parts:

  • The first part, "Training and Development at the SCI MUNI", is informative and refers to documents that are closely related to training and development at the faculty, as well as to links to individual internal training courses that are part of the permanent offer of the Faculty of Science MU, e.g., Regulation Agreement, Laws and Regulations for Employees or ICT Trainings.
  • The second part, "Upcoming Trainings", informs about the current offer of trainings, which directly links the interested party to the details and registration for the given workshop, course, seminar, etc.
  • In the third part, "Further Development and Training Opportunities", there are tiles that link to individual MUNI departments providing training activities for all university employees. From Rector´s Office training offers through CERPEK to MUNI Language Centre offers.
  • In the fourth part, "Newsletter Subscription“, it is possible to register for receiving information on several types of the faculty and university training offers. Recommended!

In the Education and Development section, employees will also find useful links to other services and offers that appear across MUNI, such as Counselling for Employees or IT Customer Support MUNI.

We believe that the new Education and Development section of the Faculty of Science MU will become a frequently visited page of the Employee Portal and that it will provide everyone with a quick and up-to-date overview of the educational offer that will contribute to their professional and personal development.

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