A Night with Andersen at the Central Library

A university library does not necessarily have to support students only in their studies; it could also change into a magical fairytale world in one evening. Just as on Friday 22 March when the Central Library of the Faculty of Science joined many other libraries in Czechia and abroad for the Night with Andersen.

3 Apr 2024 Vojtěch Velísek

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The event supports the youth on their journey to book-reading, while featuring different topics every year. This time, the library chose two suggested and perfectly fitting themes - World Water Day, held on 22 March worldwide, and the 180th anniversary of the publication of The Snow Queen, a lovely story by the Danish writer H. C. Andersen.

Children of the faculty employees experienced a wandering tour around the library, with workshops related to the topic of water and, at the same time, the library collection. The children first learned about where the water on Earth comes from; then how the water cycle works in nature. They also got familiar with the role of water in cultural context; and finally, they studied the impact of pollution caused by humans. The journey was framed with activities that helped children clean The Snow Queen from pollution. It ought to be noted they all completed the tasks successfully.

A big thanks go to the Astrophysics and Geography volunteers, who prepared engaging lectures and Physics experiments for the children. For successful completion of the tasks, the children got rewards such as Marimo, booklets with a poem about water accompanied by very original illustrations, or lava lamps the children made by themselves.

The event delighted not only the children but also the librarians, who are looking forward to the next year of the “Night with Andersen”.

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