Anthropologists from the Faculty of Science at MU have begun a unique project focused on the body shape and composition of the Czech population

Earlier this year, experts from our Institute of Anthropology began a new project entitled A.D.A.P.T. (Anthropological Database of Body Proportions). Its main aim is to examine the body shape and composition of the Czech population and to design tools that will help record, evaluate and subsequently archive and share this data. The methodology and web-based environment created will help professionals with the development, optimisation and production of personal protection equipment (e.g. respirators, protective shields or protective overalls for front-line workers) intended specifically for the Czech population.

28 Apr 2021 Martin Čuta

"Over the next two years, we will collect data on the physical characteristics of the Czech population. Using anthropometric examination (i.e. body measurements) and whole-body 3D scanning, we will obtain accurate data on body size and shape for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. We will also use magnetic resonance imaging to determine the internal composition of the body and distribution of body fat. Existing information on such factors has not been improved on or revised for at least 30 years, said Petra Urbanová, Director of the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science, MU.

The data obtained, including the digital records, will be stored on a highly secure web-based application environment that will not only allow data to be shared with end users but also basic analysis of body morphology data in specific files. In this form, the data will be immediately available to designers and manufacturers of personal protective equipment, allowing them to respond quickly to user needs or the need to develop new types of protective equipment, all based on up-to-date data on our current population.

Project A.D.A.P.T. also represents a response to the societal challenges posed by the current epidemiological situation. The researchers are now preparing to recruit participants for the preparatory phase of the project, each of which will receive CZK 1,000 financial compensation for the time they spend participating in the project. "We are primarily interested in the general population of adults in the Czech Republic. In previous projects, younger people tended to participate in higher numbers; this time, we would like to encourage more middle and older age categories (i.e. born in 1975 or before) to apply, said Petra Urbanová.

 More detailed information about the project will be found on the website in the spring. You will also be able to register as a participant in the research on the website. In case of questions, you should contact Martin Čuta.

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