Natural scientists presented Masaryk University at the STARMUS festival in Bratislava and welcomed great scientists also in Brno

Top science, but also a programme for the general public. Expert topics, but also space for fun and nice meetings. This is a brief summary of the STARMUS festival of science, music and art, which took place from 12 May to 17 May 2024 in Bratislava and in which the Faculty of Science of Masaryk university joined the programme as a university partner.

22 May 2024 Leoš Verner

Joel Parker and Damià Barceló came to Brno to give lectures as part of the STARMUS festival. Photo: Leoš Verner

The aim of the STARMUS festival was not only the presentation of scientific topics but also the popularisation of science. And in this discipline our natural scientists are traditionally among the best. That is why our "colours" were very visible last week at the Main Square in the centre of Bratislava, where the Starmus Camp was prepared as part of the STARMUS festival. Telescopes to observe the sun, water rockets, expositions presenting the work of our geographers or the expedition of our naturalists to Antarctica and their traditional cuddly penguin, fun competitions and games and unmissable students of our faculty in traditional green T-shirts. And around them a constantly a crowd of curious visitors.

Our natural scientists are among the best in science popularization. That is why our activities at the Main Square in the centre of Bratislava during the Starmus Camp were very visible. Photo: Leoš Verner, Jakub Holuša

In addition to the stand and the daily programme, Lucie Ráčková and Barbora Hutňan Chattová presented their entertaining Science Slam performance on the main stage on Monday 13 May. Tuesday's festival programme was enlivened by the launch of the book Talks about the Universe, authored by our astrophysicists Norbert Werner and Samuel Kováčik. An hour-long interview with the authors and creators, a relaxed atmosphere and a glimpse into the "creative kitchen" entertained the audience that almost filled the square.

Astrophysicists Norbert Werner and Samuel Kováčik christened their new book Talks about the Universe at the Starmus Festival. Photo: Leoš Verner

While in Bratislava our students were promoting our Faculty of Science among Slovak students who visited our stand in the Main Square with their school expeditions, in Brno everything was being prepared for the arrival of two prominent scientists and personalities of the STARMUS Festival, Joel Parker and Damià Barceló. They visited us on Wednesday 15 May in the morning. About 90 people came to listen to their lectures, which introduced the latest Lucy space mission to the Trojan asteroids and the issue of microplastics in the environment. Hana Pokorná, Vice-Dean for External Relations, Luděk Bláha, Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies and expert in environmental toxicology, and Norbert Werner, astrophysicist, took care of welcoming the lecturers to the historic premises of the Faculty of Science at Kotlářská Street.

About 90 people came to listen to the lectures of Joel Parker and Damia Barcelo, who introduced the latest Lucy space mission to the Trojan asteroids and the issue of microplastics in the environment.

We would like to thank all students and colleagues who participated in the programme in Bratislava and Brno and helped to successfully represent the Faculty of Science of MU among the Slovak public and the wider scientific community.


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