New personalities in the management of four faculty departments

From July, ten departments at our faculty will be led by newly appointed male and female directors.

27 Jun 2023 Zuzana Jayasundera Kevin Francis Roche

At the beginning of this week, the Dean of the Faculty handed over mandates to perform the function of Department Director, effective from July 1, 2023.

At four of these departments, new personalities will appear as managers:

  • Vítězslav Bryja will lead the Department of Experimental Biology.
  • Jan Cempírek will assume the position of Director of the Department of Geological Sciences.
  • Petr Táborský will become Director of the Department of Chemistry.
  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will be headed by Petr Hasil.

Six of the ten departments will continue to be led by their current directors:

  • The Department of Anthropology will be led by Petra Urbanová.
  • The Department of Biochemistry will be led by Petr Skládal.
  • The Department of Condensed Matter Physics will be led by Dominik Munzar.
  • The Department of Geography will be led by Petr Kubíček.
  • The Department of Physical Electronics, which will be renamed the Department of Physics and Plasma Technology on 1 September 2023, will be led by Petr Vašina.
  • The Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics will be led by Richard von Unge.

The above-mentioned persons all received mandates according to Article 23, Paragraph 4 of the Statute of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, following the statement of its Academic Senate.

On June 26, during an extension of the Dean’s College, the Dean thanked the following outgoing directors:

  • Jan Šmarda from the Department of Experimental Biology,
  • Zdeněk Losos from the Department of Geological Sciences,
  • Ctibor Mazal from the Department of Chemistry,
  • Jan Slovák from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (represented by Petr Hasil).

We will present short autobiographies of the new Directors in a more detailed article later.

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