New recording and streaming centre

At the end of 2020, a new recording and streaming centre was established at the internet club in the Kotlářská complex. Based on the needs of the individual faculty departments, its goal is simple - by providing high-quality (and up till now missing) facilities, it should first and foremost make distance learning more effective, while also being available for full-time teaching in the future. In both cases, it is expected that the centre should help increase the success of students of the Faculty of Science MU in their exams.

15 Mar 2021 Jiří Ledvinka

The room is designed primarily for teachers and gives them plenty of space to create lessons. “We have tried to design the centre to be as intuitive as possible. It can be used for both online teaching and as a recording studio for materials that can later be provided to students of the faculty”, said Jiří Ledvinka from the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (OIKT) of the Faculty of Science MU, which implemented the recording and streaming centre.

“We would like to offer the centre to everyone interested in using it. As we wish to satisfy everyone and ensure that the facilities are used as much as possible, we will be happy to adapt the room in the future to fit other requirements. With this step, I believe that we will help make teaching more efficient and contribute towards improving the exam results of all students in the faculty”, said Jiří, adding that “at the moment, the centre boasts a large 86-inch touch screen TV, a projector with screen, a ceiling camera and a two-screen computer with a microphone”.

The touch screen TV has a number of functions, the most important of which is the transfer of material written directly onto the TV using a touch pen to people viewing the lecture on their PC. Data transferred in this way does not lose its visual quality. In addition, the screens can be stored one-by-one and returned to at any time, allowing them to be used subsequently as study material. It is also possible to transfer a presentation to the screen, which can be described in various ways using a whiteboard and supplemented with notes.

Next to the TV, there is a projector with a screen on which the lecturer can give presentations or other teaching material at the same time as the TV presentation. There is also a high-quality ceiling camera, which has a high-power optical zoom that can capture even the smallest details of experiments. The image can then be transferred via a two-screen PC with a wide array of in-built applications. The last element is a high-quality omnidirectional microphone that can be used to capture a soundtrack from anywhere in the room, making it really convenient for the speaker. The microphone also has a built-in speaker allowing for communication with students.

Translated by Kevin Roche

Photo: Jiří Ledvinka

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