Ten interdisciplinary lectures under the auspices of the Life Science Seminar

As the spring semester slowly comes to an end, we would like to look back and sum up the last semester as part of the Life Science Seminar Series.

22 May 2023 Linda Nosková

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The world-leading scientists have delivered ten lectures - four were held under the umbrella of the Mendel Lectures at the Mendel Museum, and six were held at the MUNI University Campus Bohunice under the auspices of the Life Science Seminar Series. Researchers from MUNI have hosted a diverse range of scientists from the field of biology, medicine, neuroscience, and botany, as well as cell biology, genetics and biochemistry.

So far, the most attended lecture was given by Dr Anne Laudisoit, the Belgium biologist and an expert on zoonotic diseases, whose talk attracted a large audience of closer to 300 listeners. Her lecture "Neglected Diseases in a Global World and the Unexpected Impact of Going Local", which described the challenges of field mapping of diseases in the global world, was undoubtedly very inspiring for many participants. We have learned how such field research is carried out and how difficult it is to find financial support for research of neglected diseases in the neglected places such as the Democratic Republic of Kongo. Ann has also explained some of the hidden links between animal behaviour and the possible impact on their health and the health of the local human populations. If this topic interests you, we warmly recommend watching the film MBUDHA, which Anne Laudisoit produced to support her research on chimpanzees in the northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We are already preparing the programme for the autumn semester. As a taster, we are happy to share with you that the following renowned speakers have already accepted our invitation:

We look forward to seeing you at the Life Science Seminar in the Autumn semester - be sure to register and follow the Life Science Seminar Series programme and our Facebook.

The quality of the Life Science Seminar depends on your nominations and your willingness to host our colleagues from abroad personally. To ensure the high quality of the seminar series, please consider nominating top researchers from your or another discipline that you are ready to host. Find out more about how to nominate here.

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