The faculty management have had talks with the student body about relations between students and teachers.

On Monday 13 March, student representatives from the Programme Board and the Academic Senate discussed ways to improve relations between students and staff with representatives of the Faculty. The meeting was initiated by Dean Tomáš Kašparovský in response to increasing cases of inappropriate behaviour at other faculties in the Czech Republic.

17 Mar 2023 Tereza Fojtová Kevin Francis Roche

Vice Dean Markéta Munzarová, the faculty contact person for cases of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour (she can also be contacted with suggestions for improving teaching) also participated in the meeting on behalf of the faculty management. “The feedback from the students is very important for us as it allows us to improve the quality of studies and the atmosphere at the faculty”, stressed Vice-Dean Munzarová.

According to vice-dean Munzarová, a recent survey focused specifically on the issue of sexual harassment recorded no such reports at the faculty. “However, several of the academic staff received complaints about inappropriate behaviour of a different kind, including a certain degree of arrogance in relation to male and female students”, said the present vice-dean. The faculty management have since alerted the concerned academics about their inappropriate behaviour and have called for correction.

From the students’ point of view, the meeting was a good opportunity to draw attention to other issues that they want to solve, such as a rest area for students on campus or the development of association activities. Consequently, the participants all agreed that this format of a broader meeting of student representatives and the faculty management will be held regularly.

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