The Natural Sciences Association helps, but also knows how to have fun

Students from the Natural Sciences Association have been active over the early spring period organising a number of great events that everyone at the Faculty of Science can enjoy. After participating in organising the Faculty Ball in February, they tidied up the mess around campus in March and then prepared an Easter ‘Blood Cell’ Hunt.

20 Apr 2023 Júlia Orlovská Tomáš Nováček

MU Faculty of Science Representative Ball. Photo: Majda Slámová

You can take a look at the photos from the ball at the end of the article.

On the last day of March, the Association teamed up with the RECETOX centre and together they cleaned up the surroundings of the campus as part of the Clean Up Czechia project. Though it rained on the day of the event, 15 MUNI student and employee volunteers were undeterred and came to clean the mess. In total, they removed approximately 170 kg of waste from the public spaces. Afterwards, they were able to enjoy a well-deserved informal evening with their RECETOX colleagues, full of good entertainment and refreshments.

To make the pre-holiday period more pleasant, our university organised an Easter ‘blood cell’ hunt shortly before Easter as a reminder of the 150th anniversary of Jan Janský’s birth. The event follows on from a pilot event held in 2022, when an Easter ‘pea’ hunt was held in honour of G. J. Mendel. For both events, members of the Association hand-made beautiful crocheted key chains, which they then hid around various premises of the Faculty of Science. The successful “seekers” collected a total of 32 hidden crocheted ‘blood cells’.

Sometimes, the Association also organises non-public events, such as the March Pub Quiz for association members and their friends.

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The spring events were preceded by a number of winter activities, also organised by the Association. Before Christmas, they prepared a Christmas Puzzle for the students on campus consisting of 12 ‘stations’, each of which had simple puzzles that tested their awareness and logic and guided the contestant through various corners of the campus. The successful puzzle contestants and members of the Association then spent the evening together at a Christmas party with refreshments, board games and a gingerbread decorating competition.

After several years, it has again been possible to organise the MU Faculty of Science Representative Ball, under the direction of the Natural Sciences Association. Students were involved in many aspects, including selling tickets and promoting the event. The ball took place in February at KC Semilasso, where dancers enjoyed great music and a rich programme, including a dulcimer band and a performance by the clarinettist Felix Slováček, which was enjoyed not only by students and employees but also by the Dean of the Faculty, Tomáš Kašparovský, who ceremonially opened the ball, and the Rector of Masaryk University, Martin Bareš. You can take a look at the photos from the ball at the end of the article.

More recently, the Natural Sciences Association has participated in the , which is organised by a group of university associations, and will appear at Earth Day on April 22nd at the botanical gardens on Koltářská. “We would definitely like to see you all, either at the last round of the Olympics or at the closing party afterwards! If you are not a member of any of the associations, you can also find us on Saturday at the faculty botanical gardens celebrating Earth Day. We are also preparing other events, so follow us on our social networks so you don't miss anything. If you like organising events and want to meet new friends and develop your skills, don’t hesitate to contact us at”, said Tomáš Nováček, on behalf of the Association.

Photos from the MU Faculty of Science Representative Ball

Photos from the ball: Majda Slámová

The Association provides information on all its events on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

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