Struktura a vlastnosti paramagnetických komplexů ruthenia pro návrh nových protirakovinných léčiv (PARAMAG)


This project doesn't include Faculty of Science. It includes Central European Institute of Technology. Official project website can be found on

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Project Period
1/2015 - 12/2017
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Czech Science Foundation
MU Faculty or unit
Central European Institute of Technology
metallodrug; carrier; cavitand; ruthenium; paramagnetic; NMR spectroscopy; in silico; design; binding constant

We propose to study novel candidates for ruthenium anticancer drugs based on ruthenium complexes protected by cucurbit[n]uril and bambus[n]uril cavitands. The ruthenium compounds will be synthesized and combined with cavitands in supramolecular complexes. They will be fully characterized by experimental NMR techniques and investigated by methods of computational chemistry, which will be explored and developed for the open-shell systems. The ultimate results of the project should lead, in order of their importance, to the new potential candidates for anticancer drugs, novel interpretation approaches for the NMR data of paramagnetic supramolecular systems, and the knowledge base portfolio in targeted drug design.


Total number of publications: 15

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