Project information
Emerging Agricultural Weeds under Climate and land-use changes in Central Europe: identifying high-risk species, modelling their distribution, assessing impacts and management needs (AgriWeedClim)

Project Identification
GZ C163517
Project Period
11/2021 - 5/2025
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Ostatní - foreign
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Science
Cooperating Organization
University of Vienna
Austrian Agency of Health and Food Safety

AgriWeedClim will (a) deliver the analysis of historic changes in weed species distribution in Central Europe as driven by changes in land-use, agricultural practices, introduction of alien species and historic climate change, (b) identify the key factors that drive historic changes in weed species distribution, and (c) identify the Top 20 emerging weed species. For these Top 20 emerging weed species, we will then (d) project their future distribution and impacts based on climatic and land-use trends for the 21st century, (e) identify high-risk regions and susceptible crops, and (f) design an adaptation toolkit (“Emerging Weeds Management Toolkit”) and a policy brief that synthesize available options for limiting future spread and impact, and we g) will develop a comprehensive project-website, which will serve as a “One stop-shop” that contains all relevant information in an easy-to-access-format, and we h) will use complementary media channels, to widely disseminate all relevant information.

Sustainable Development Goals

Masaryk University is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to improve the conditions and quality of life on our planet by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goal No.  13 – Climate action Sustainable Development Goal No.  15 – Life on land

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